Step Aside Adults, Nigerian Designers Now Have Their Spotlight On Kids’ Fashion

Most kids in Africa wear their older brother/sisters’ dirt-stained hand-me-downs. However, things are changing in Nigeria.

The latest fashion trends reflect a growing need for high-end kid’s clothing in the country with more and more designers now creating and offering be-spoke kids’ wear.

But does the average African parent put so much value on their kids’ clothing as to wholeheartedly spend more money on these high-end designs? Can high-end bespoke kids wear really take off in Nigeria?

Check out this video to find out more.

African Fashion for Kids

African fashion trends have tried to make room for kids apparel over the years. These African designers, however, aren’t pulling their punches about helping kids feel special and stylish. Have a look-see…

Posted by Afrikagora on Saturday, February 1, 2020

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