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    Washington is known for its cultural diversity and iconic landmarks like the Air and Space Museum and Mount Vernon. Immigrants from all parts of the world have found their way into Washington. The state is like a museum of African American history; thus, we cannot talk about Washington’s history without talking about African American history and the African foods they brought along.
    Washington has a vast number of casual dining, family-style, fast-casual, and ethnic and fast food restaurants in highly populated places like Logan Circle, among others. However, you have stopped by any African food restaurant in DC to try a quick bite of any mouthwatering African cuisine; it is time to confess that African delicacies are irresistible. Today, we want to explore some of the best African restaurants in Washington, where you can enjoy your favorite African food with friends and family.

    Keren Restaurant

    This is a famous restaurant selling African foods native to Ethiopia. The success of Kerens Restaurant is highly dependent on the mesmerizing Ethiopian cuisines offered at affordable prices. You can order your favorite Ethiopian food like illustrious “injera” bread served with meat and vegetables in round trays at Keren. Like its counterpart Chercher Ethiopian Restaurant, Little Ethiopia and Das Ethiopian Restaurant, the grilled chicken and fish offered in this Ethiopian restaurant are out of this world. These delicacies from Keren restaurant in Washington make it a busy place where you can spend hours in long lines, which might not be ideal, especially with the prevailing coronavirus safety issues. The restaurant is located at 1780 on Florida Avenue. Anytime from 0800 hrs to 2200 hrs, you can get served with your favorite Ethiopian dish apart from Saturdays when the restaurant closes at 1800 hrs.

    Chez Dior

    Are you looking for West African cuisines? Well, Chez Dior is the place you should visit. It serves meals mostly derived from Senegal and an ideal place to get West African dishes if you cannot visit other African restaurants like Naija Café, Bukom Café, Appioo African Bar and Sumahs West African Restaurant. It might not be spacious with outdoor seating like other American restaurants, but this should not make you miss the cuisines served. In Chez Dior, you will have an opportunity to taste the famous traditional “Thieboudienne,” made of vegetables, fish and rice and blended in blessing tomato sauce. This family-run restaurant will serve you some of the most delicious African dishes in history. It is located along 5124 Baltimore Avenue, Hyattsville, Maryland.

    Mansa Kunda

    Ever wondered what you could get from a land of professional fisherpeople? Well, Gambia has more to offer in Washington than just fish. Located long 8000, Flower AvenueTokoma ParkMansa Kunda Restaurant teases the whole of Washington with its irresistible Gambian Cuisines. The décor on the inside screams creativity with seats made from drums. At Mansa Kunda, you will be served with delicious West African meals like the jollof rice, Yassan grill and Ebbeh stew, as well as other famous dishes served in other African restaurants in the area like the Jodeem African Cuisine.

    Swahili Village Bar and Grill

    Apart from the Maasai Mara and Kenya’s beautiful coastline, the country is also famous for its traditional dishes. Swahili Village restaurant has taken the Kenyan cuisines international by offering its famous mouthwatering delicacies to the Washington population. Distinct types of stewed and grilled goat meat and beef are provided in this professionally run, clean and modern restaurant. Delicious chicken and fish are also in plenty. It is located in Beltsville, Maryland, along 10800 Rhodes Island Avenue.


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