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Mar 11
Want to build-up your Credit Score quickly can qualify for Loans? Pay Rent, Utility Bills on time

America is the land of credit, banks have so much money they are always ready to loan…

Feb 08
Step Aside Adults, Nigerian Designers Now Have Their Spotlight On Kids’ Fashion

Most kids in Africa wear their older brother/sisters’ dirt-stained hand-me-downs.…

Dec 17
Carl Craig: Haiti on a Canvas

As an autodidact artist, he abandoned a lucrative Wall Street career to respond to the…

Dec 17
Samba Diallo : life in colors, mosaics and reliefs

Color is life, explains his powerful voice Samba Diallo in the middle of the twenty…

Dec 16
Claudy Khan: A Congolese painter inspired by Women

Falling into the art of drawing, much like Obelix and the magic potion, he became a…

Dec 08
DNA Tracing Takes You on An Epic Journey to Find Your Roots

About one year ago Zuri set out to answer a seemingly simple question about the…

Nov 27
Our Struggle to Send Our Dead Relatives Back Home

As immigration continues to rise worldwide, more and more Africans continue to build…

Nov 06
5 Stunning African Destinations to Visit for An Exclusive Experience

Africa is the oldest inhabited continent on Earth and is  known as “the Mother…

Dec 04
African Cuisine – a blend of delectable cuisines and healthy eating habits!

Africa may not be leading in science and technology, it may not be so good in edtech,…

Nov 17
Friendliest states for African Immigrants

In recent years, immigrants in the U.S. have faced increased scrutiny due to the rise…

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