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Jan 14
Six Essential Steps to Starting an African Specialty Business in the US

Now is a good time as any to start turning that business idea you’ve been obsessing…

Dec 19
The Home Brewing that makes Nigerian-Americans the most Successful Immigrant group in the US

What do you get when you put a people with a thirst for education and penchant for…

Jun 06
Best jobs for African immigrants in the US

When you are about to leave the African soil for a greener pasture in America, your…

May 30
Upwardly Global: A non-profit helping immigrants find jobs and attain economic security

Recently arrived immigrants in the United States face many cultural and structural…

Nov 11
What career strategy should an African Immigrant consider?

I have spent considerable time reading and listening to resource person’s talk on…

Nov 11
What is an African immigrant’s qualification worth in the U.S.?

It is not in the character of an African man to wine or wail over the situation they…