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    Along the streets of Atlanta, there are different African and Caribbean restaurants where lovers of African food and the vast African American population can access all sorts of African cuisines. The restaurants in Atlanta serve different African cuisines ranging from South African food, Ethiopian food, and West African food to cuisines derived from other parts of Africa. Suppose you pop up into any of these restaurants in Atlanta. In that case, you will be served with some mouthwatering African beef jerky, egusi soup, jollof rice, and Peri Peri or even vegetables from the vegetarian restaurants, among others. If you are not familiar with any African restaurants in the famous Atlanta cosmopolitan, we have got you covered.


    The Bahel Ethiopian restaurant is a paradise for Ethiopian food. It is a giant among African restaurants. The restaurant boasts of a wide variety of Ethiopian cuisines well prepared from an Ethiopian kitchen. Located on 3125 Briarcliff Rd NE Ste C, the cuisines served here are purely for the lovers of Ethiopian dishes and those who do not mind communal eating rules.


    Are you looking for some juicy Ethiopian food? Well, Desta is a place where all your needs can be met. Just like its counterpart Meskerem Ethiopian restaurant, the luscious cuisines from Desta Ethiopian kitchen will leave you wanting more. Desta is the most well established and famous African restaurant in Atlanta. It is a modern style restaurant that uses bold colors, a bar-like atmosphere, private dining and individual plates combined with Ethiopian flavors. However, the setting and culture in this Ethiopian style restaurant might put off Ethiopian food purists. It is located along 3086 Briarcliff Rd Ne. Juicy African dishes like Ribeye Tibs, Fish Tibs, and Chicken Tibs are in plenty in Desta, making it one of the best takeaway or lunch restaurants in Atlanta, ga.

    10 Degrees South

    As its name suggests, this South African Restaurant is located along the 10 degrees south meridian. It was established 20 years ago by Justin Antony, a South African soccer player, to reinvent himself after a knee injury. It was the first restaurant to serve South African cuisines. It serves delicious dishes like Peri Perilamb chop, sparkling grape juice, and “Malva” pudding. It also has outdoor seating and a back bar that elicits the moods for African clubs. The restaurant is located along 4183 Roswell Rd NE.

    Café Songhai

    The café Songhai trademark is inspired by the 15th century Western Sahel Songhai Empire famous for African history. This iconic food restaurant along bridge Rd is mistaken as only a Nigerian restaurant. However, this restaurant in Atlanta, ga, can be a seafood restaurant as it serves a combination of Ghanaian and Nigerian cuisines. Delicacies served in other Ghanaian and Nigerian restaurants are also found in Café Songhai. Other West African delicacies like those served in the SenegaliseBamba cuisines are also available in Café Songhai. Besides offering music and comedy, you can be served with distinct delicacies like pounded yam with egusi soup, okra soup, goat soup, and Jollof rice, among others. It is located along 3380 Holcomb Bridge Rd.

    Biltong Bar

    Biltong is another Justin Antony’s establishment located in the ponce city market established after 10 Degrees South restaurant. It serves South African dried meat. Once you taste the smooth beef jerky served with the craft cocktails, you will always miss the wonders of Biltong Bar. It is found along 675 Ponce Leon Ave NE.
    Other African restaurants in Atlanta that you can visit include the Meskerem Ethiopian restaurant Yebos Beach Hause, a famous seafood restaurant along 111 W Paces Ferry Rd NW, Afro dish, a renowned Caribbean restaurants along Edgewood Ave SE, Imperial Fez along 2285 Peachtree Rd Ne, and Bamba Cuisine restaurant along 3700 Campbellton Rd.


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