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    African foods are arguably the most nutritious and with the highest nutritional values. As such, a huge proportion of the worlds’ population has been searching for places where they can access African foods. Consequently, African restaurants have been set in different parts of the planet. In New York, Times Square is not the only fascinating thing in the city. There are distinct African restaurants located in the heart of New York City, where different African delicacies are served. The restaurants in New York serve popular dishes like lamb chop, fried chicken, pepper soup, and Jollof rice. The cuisines are derived from West Africa, South Africa, North Africa, East Africa, and other parts of Africa. Therefore, if you are looking for some Ethiopian Cuisines, North African food, South Africa’s best dishes, or West African cuisines, this article uncovers some of the best restaurants in NYC where these dishes are served.

    Safari Restaurant

    If you fancy Ethiopian foods, Safari Restaurant serves all the Ethiopian delicacies you ever imagined. The charming delicacies served here gives maximum fame to distinct African cuisines. This is one of the best restaurants in New York where you can taste some delicious African goat pepper soup and mouthwatering meat. Besides, it gives you enough space to settle and get your lunch or evening dish whenever you want. This Ethiopian restaurant is the best place to get delicious African foods such as chicken suqaar and Basmati rice. It is located along 219 W 116th ST New York, NY 10026.

    Akwaaba Restaurant

    Akwaaba is a historical name that means welcome. The restaurant was built as an inspiration to African delicacies. If you are looking to reward yourself with some delicious food, Akwaaba Restaurant is the place to be. Here, you will be served with the famous Jollof rice, goat pepper soup fish, and plantain on the inside or an outdoor sitting. Vegetarians are also catered for because a delicious vegetable dish is always waiting for your order. You do not have to worry yourself with street food while delicious African dishes are being served in the neighborhood. Besides, credit cards are also accepted in this restaurant. The 4.5 rating of this superb hotel indicates that Akwaaba is the best place to be. It is located along 604 Parkside Ave Brooklyn, NY 11226.

    Accra Restaurant

    Somewhere in central Harlem is this famous African restaurant in NYC renowned for its west African delicacies. If you are looking for a delicious African vegetable dish, Accra makes your wishes a reality. The cuisines involve both meat and vegetables; thus, it is the best place for everyone. Other delicacies served here include Dibi, Suya, peanut soup, and Jollof rice, all derived from Ghana. It is located along 2065 Adam Clayton Powell Jr Blvd, New York, NY 10027 Harlem.

    Pikine – Senegalese Restaurant

    Pikine is a New York City restaurant that serves distinct delicious cuisines. The Senegalese Restaurant has a 4-star rating, which implies that it offers some of the best dishes accompanied by world-class services. Lobster bit sandwich, seafood risotto, and crushed French toast are some of the best delicacies served in Pikine. It is open every day of the week to make sure that no one goes hungry. The restaurant regulars most recommend maple Crushed French toast. Besides, it offers food delivery. It is located along 243 West 116th St New York, NY 10026.

    Other African restaurants where you can get the best African delicacies include Grin restaurant which serves Ivory Coast dishes, Awash Ethiopian Restaurant, BB Restaurant Corporation located between the 6th and 7th Ave along 165 W 26th St New York, Nigerian Tropical Grill Restaurant, Africa Kine restaurant located on the 7th Ave New York, Queen of Sheba, La Savane, Le Baobab,Buca the Nigerian Clinton Hill institution, Café Rux Dix, Massawa located on Manhattan’s Upper West side and Ponty Bistro among others.


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