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  • Black Hair salons in Minneapolis

    You’ve got a lot on your plate with your work and just overall life lately, so you decide to take a bit of a break and to go visit your family in Minneapolis. A week beforehand you decide to do some research on what there is to do in the city, but most importantly to find a black hair salon that will know how to take good care of your natural hair. You start searching” best black hair salons in Minneapolis” and hit the search bar, only to find nothing that you are looking for.
    Stop, and take a breather, because we at Afrikagora have some great news that will save you some time. Sounds promising? All you have to do is subscribe to our directory today and the best black hair salons in Minneapolis will be just a click away. Now you can enjoy your trip to Minneapolis and already know which black hair salons you are going to visit. Here are a few Hair salons in Minneapolis that will be sure to take good care of your natural black hair:

    Women’s Spa Salon Minneapolis

    It was created in 2019 and it is not your average beauty salon. Women’s Spa Salon Minneapolis provides women’s haircuts, hair color, blow out services, and even bridal hair and makeup to make sure you feel and look like a princess on your special day. What are you waiting for, book your appointment today!

    Beauty Lounge Minneapolis

    How to describe this Salon? Well, it could not be described in more perfect words than what the owner Melissa T described it: “We are not a black salon, we’re not a white salon, we’re not a curly hair salon. We’re a salon for people who value diversity.” At this hair salon, they are challenging the norms in the industry hoping that they can create a shift. This hair salon provides you with the following services: Braids that include crochet braids, cornrows, knotless braids, and box braids. Other services like shampoo and styling, detangling, and natural hair styling. Spice up your look and book your appointment today!

    HAUS Salon

    This Award-winning salon and Spa in Minneapolis stand with the Black Lives Matter movement. They are committed to elevate Black voices and to take action steps in both their community and in their salons. They offer the following services: microblading and even hair extensions if you are looking for long luxurious hair. You can add length or volume to your natural hair with the hair extensions from the hair extensions experts at HAUS Salon. Call and book your appointment today! Whether you are visiting Minneapolis or living there and just have not found the black hair salon of your dreams yet, we at Afrikagora will be your Google Maps to find you the best black hair salons, so that you can wear your natural hair with pride. And I have to agree with what Joan Crawford had to say:” I think that the most important thing a woman can have- next to talent, of course- is her hairdresser.” At Afrikagora we will bring the best black hair salons in Minneapolis to you so that you can always look and feel the best. Subscribe today!
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