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Aug 22
Where to find African Hair Salon in New York that does Dread

One of the immediate challenges African immigrants face while still new in the U.S. is…

Aug 17
Where to get Frozen West African Dish in America for your Homemade West African Cuisines

A West African dish, is exciting not just because it is exotic to Americans, but also…

Aug 14
Which are the Best African Restaurants in New York City?

As the country slowly reopens its economies, it might feel like you are coming out of…

May 19
These Jewelry Houses want to take African-Design mainstream in the International Luxury Jewelry Markets

The motherland continent of Africa has always been rich in incredible resources.…

May 06
Massachusetts Senior Roberta Hannah gets the Coveted All-Eight Ivy League Schools Acceptance

Well, here is some good news in the midst of all the gloom and uncertainties facing…

Apr 14
How Help Your Favorite African Business Survive The COVID-19 Pandemic

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has changed life in more ways than we care to list. You,…

Apr 14
Big Stars in Hollywood You Probably Didn’t Know Were African

Africans are making space for themselves in the entertainment world, more so in…

Mar 31
#COVID19 – Facebook announces $100M Financial Grant to Cushion 30,000 Small Businesses

If you are a small business, the current times must be one of the most trying times…

Mar 16
Business Hard Hit by Coronavirus? Here’s How To Apply for USA’s SBA Economic Injury Disaster Loans Support for Small Businesses

The United State’s Small Business Administration (SBA) has announced a financial kitty…

Mar 14
Procrastination derailing your Dreams as an Entrepreneur? Tips on How to Move like Clockwork

Have you ever stopped and looked at the analog clock? Well, odds are the clock near…