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Dec 16
Claudy Khan: A Congolese painter inspired by Women

Falling into the art of drawing, much like Obelix and the magic potion, he became a…

Dec 13
How to Boost Ticket Sales for Your Next Event Through Facebook

By Matthew Macharia Let’s say you’ve planned the perfect Christmas dinner party, but…

Dec 11
Too African to be American, Too American to be African: Growing up as a first-generation African Immigrant

Growing up is not easy. I mean, think about all the changes you are confronted with as…

Dec 08
DNA Tracing Takes You on An Epic Journey to Find Your Roots

About one year ago Zuri set out to answer a seemingly simple question about the…

Dec 05
How African Immigrants create little Africa in America to keep their Identity and Culture alive

At the turn of the century, a considerable number of Africans began migrating…

Dec 03
Akon has begun constructing a Wakanda City in his home country Senegal

47-year-old Aliaune Damala Badara Akon Thiam, or as popularly known by his stage name,…

Nov 27
Our Struggle to Send Our Dead Relatives Back Home

As immigration continues to rise worldwide, more and more Africans continue to build…

Nov 27
Entrepreneurship: An opportunity for African Immigrants?

From unrecognized academic credentials to racial discrimination, African immigrants…

Nov 27
The US State Department demands Full Social Media Disclosure for Last 5 Years when Applying for Visa

You probably have seen the ‘memo’ that you should be very careful about what you post…

Nov 06
5 Stunning African Destinations to Visit for An Exclusive Experience

Africa is the oldest inhabited continent on Earth and is  known as “the Mother…

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