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Sep 07
Budgeting: A Path to Financial Freedom

Living in the US, a consumption society, can be very expensive. The daily expenses…

Sep 02
How to Rebuild your Career in the United States as a Skilled Immigrant

  A lot of skilled Africans authorized to work in the US are stuck in survival…

Aug 31
Survival or Growth: Why do African migrate?

African immigration to the United States In recent years, The number of immigrants has…

Aug 31
Raising African Children in the USA

Many Africans today are seeking better futures for their children by opting to give…

Aug 24
Studying in the US: Overview

The United States has one of the best education systems in the world and it is…

Aug 23
US Based African Diaspora

Definition of the African Diaspora. The African Union (2011, p.3) defined “the African…

Aug 21
US Visas Types

This guide is a concise overview of the typical immigration process for people looking…