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Apr 04
How to apply for Asylum/Refugee Status in the United States?

Introduction Today, wars, famine and economic constrains are forcing people to leave…

Dec 04
African Cuisine – a blend of delectable cuisines and healthy eating habits!

Africa may not be leading in science and technology, it may not be so good in edtech,…

Nov 22
Starting a Business in the US as an Immigrant: Knowing your Needs and Limitations

The fortune of America is built through the unbroken efforts of different sets of…

Nov 22
Essentials of Personal Finance Skills for African immigrants

Your understanding of personal finance as an African immigrant in the U.S. will…

Nov 22
Inspirational books Written by Africans in the Diaspora

Contemporary African literature in the recent past used to be associated with names…

Nov 22
Selection of Epic movies on the African Diaspora Experience

From the era of the silent film where Charlie Chaplin dazzled audiences with his…

Nov 17
Friendliest states for African Immigrants

In recent years, immigrants in the U.S. have faced increased scrutiny due to the rise…

Nov 17
African Diaspora History

The African diaspora is myriad and multifaceted. All over the world, there are…

Nov 17
Marriage Based US Immigration Choices (K1, K3, IR1 Visas & DCF) for Non-US Citizen fiancé(e) or spouse living overseas

Each year tens of thousands of visas are issued to a spouse or fiance of an American…

Nov 17
Five challenges new African immigrants face in the US and how to overcome them

Living as an African immigrant in the U.S. has its price; not many expected what they…