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Mar 02
U.S. Green Cards Eligibility, The threshold Qualifications

Thanks to the massive immigration into Western countries, particularly from war-torn…

Feb 13
Ghanaian-American Naa-Sakle Akuete quit Job at JP Morgan to start her own Shea Butter Business

As Africans, we value education as we have been told over and over again that…

Feb 08
Step Aside Adults, Nigerian Designers Now Have Their Spotlight On Kids’ Fashion

Most kids in Africa wear their older brother/sisters’ dirt-stained hand-me-downs.…

Feb 07
Top African Restaurants in Atlanta, GA

Did you know that Atlanta comes third, after Washington, DC, and New York as the…

Feb 07
Don’t Whisper, Shout it Out! African Women Can Do Anything!

The incredible story of how one woman from Cameroon founded her very own African…

Feb 05
African Migrants have turned American Interstate Roads to Profits

, “Trucking is the freedom. It is the freedom, and the money is right. I am not going…

Feb 03
Forgotten what Courtship is? Long for Real Commitment? Get yourself an African Man – AJ Johnson

This piece might rattle some Americans, but to be fair, the thoughts expressed herein…

Jan 22
[Video Tutorial] Business 1o1 – What is an Asset, What is a Liability

We are all in love with the idea of running a business and becoming big shots in the…

Jan 20
The Africans that made ‘2019 Time 100 Next List’ you should Lookout for in 2020

Guess what, in a little over a week, January will be over. With the year 2020 being a…

Jan 14
Six Essential Steps to Starting an African Specialty Business in the US

Now is a good time as any to start turning that business idea you’ve been obsessing…

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