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Aug 24

Event In Africa, Upcoming Event and Afrikagora Africa event is the perfect place where…

Aug 15
Scholarship Studying In The United States: Overcoming The Financial Burden

scholarship Education, they say, is the key to success in life. Unfortunately, it can…

Jun 06
Best jobs for African immigrants in the US

African Business When you are about to leave the African soil for a greener pasture in…

May 30
Upwardly Global: A non-profit helping immigrants find jobs and attain economic security

Recently arrived immigrants in the United States face many cultural and structural…

May 29
How to survive in the US for low income

I am writing this piece knowing that the typical African will survive in any…

May 13
Travelling Abroad as a Green Card Holder

What documents do I need to travel outside the United States? In general, you will…

Apr 07
Tips for a Smooth Transition when settling down in the U.S.

Adjusting to the new life in the United States and a change from a familiar…

Apr 07
African Diaspora investors and investments making a positive impact in Africa

Although the African Diaspora may be millions of miles from their home continent, they…

Apr 07
Cultural differences/shock as an African immigrant in the US

The United States is regarded as the most culturally diverse country in the world.…

Apr 07
How to get a Social Security Number (SSN) for K1 Fiance and K3 Visa Holders

Preparation: Download the Following Forms: 1. Application for a Social Security Card…