Even though African cuisine is delicious, nutritious, and with various health benefits, they have not been readily available to people in many parts of the world. In Los Angeles, Ethiopia has done a great job to take its cuisines abroad, shown by the numerous Ethiopian restaurants in LA. Even so, countless other African restaurants in Los Angeles serve African foods. Those who fancy African cuisines can find West African, North African, East African, or South African cuisines from different African restaurants in this city. Distinct African recipes such as lamb chops, jollof rice, and peri peri are served in these restaurants. If you are used to visiting a food truck in your neighborhood to get a taste of your favorite African dish, we want to cultivate your interests in African delicacies by providing you with a list of some of the best restaurants in Los Angeles where you can get more African food.

Jaliz Cuisine of East Africa

Jaliz Cuisine is an East African based restaurant that serves delicious Ugandan dishes, and it is run as a catering business. Famous cuisines of East Africa, like soup made from fish, chicken, or goat, are served together with matoke topped with collard greens, chapatti bread, fried goat meat with jollof rice, and peanut sauce. If you wish to enjoy various Jaliz Cuisines, you should visit the restaurant located along 14747 Kittridge St Van Nuys, CA 91405.

Banadir Somali Restaurant

Are you a fan of Somalian cuisines? The only Somali restaurant that can serve you such dishes in LA is Banadir Somali Restaurant. Here, you can be served with dishes like the famous anjera pancakes made from sorghum floor that looks like the Ethiopian injera. Chicken suqar is also available and served with anjera. You can also order dishes of large spaghetti or rice platters served with bananas, fish, chicken, and goat. This restaurant also serves as a takeout and delivery point. It is located along 137 Arbor Vitae St Inglewood, CA 90301

Meals by Genet

Ethiopian restaurants in Los Angeles are famous for their delicious dishes. Meals by Genet is an Ethiopian vegan favorite place. Like its counterparts in Los Angeles, including Markato Ethiopian Restaurant, Little Ethiopia, and Messob Ethiopian Restaurant, Meals and Genet serves distinct Ethiopian cuisines like berbere spice mixture and injera. You can also order chicken stew known as Doro wot prepared for three days by Chef Genet Agonafer, the famous African cook. You can find the restaurant around 1053 S Fairfax Ave Los Angeles, CA 90019.

Revolutionario North African Tacos

This North African Tacos restaurant serves Algerian Barber cuisines combined with Arabic dishes. The restaurant ensures that it avails the best African cuisines in Los Angeles with a North African taste to those who love North African dishes. The restaurant’s visitors can also find dishes like Merguez sausage, chickpea soup, meat, Algerian briks, and shakshuka tacos. You can find such African cuisines in Los Angeles by visiting this restaurant along 1436 W Jefferson Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90007.

Mizlala Restaurant

This is a well renowned Moroccan restaurant in LA where some of the best Moroccan cuisines are served. This restaurant is located in Sherman Oaks after the owner took over Simon’s Café. Famous Moroccan dishes that were being served before are still available. You can visit this restaurant for a delicious plate of saffron rice served with apricot lamb. Moroccan chicken is also in plenty, and the restaurant is open for takeout and delivery. You can find the restaurant along 4515 Sepulveda Blvd Sherman Oaks, CA 91403.
Other African restaurants in LA include the Industry Café, Moun of Tunis, Kenyan Cafe, Airport Royal Cuisine, Veronica’s Kitchen, Café Chez Marie known for its elegant outdoor seating, Industry Café and Jazz, Tagine Beverly Hills, Azla, Aduke African Cuisines in Manchester Blvd, Lalibela Ethiopian Restaurant, Springbok Bar and Grill, and Palm Grove, among others.


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