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Join us for the sixth annual Yiddish New York - this year in your own home!This Eventbrite is for Monday, December 28, 2020 | PM 2 | 3:15pm-4:30pm, which includes the following courses:Klezmer Out In The World (Ter-Berg, Hirsch, Blackberg, Winograd)Harmonizing Klezmer Melodies (London)Ashkenazic Dance for Musicians (Crowder)Unaccompanied Singing (Raim & Meyerson)Lekoved Felix (Weintraub)Afternoon Circle (Sweet & Gottesman)Primers, Passion, and Politics: A Shtetl Bookstore Reimagined (Mazower)The Lost World of African-American Cantors, 1920-1953 (Sapoznik)Teens (Romaine)Film Q&A___________________General YNY Registration/Ticketing Information:Passes may be purchased in a variety of ways. Please visit to find the appropriate links.Full Festival Pass - Admission to all five days and all events! (Household and youth rates available.)Day Pass - Admission to an entire day’s events, including evening programs - Four presentation/workshop sessions, Lunchtime Concert, Zingeray (sing-a-long), Evening Concert, and Late-Night Program.Single Session Pass - Admission to any class during the selected time period.Course Pass - Admission to a 3-Day class.Evening Pass - Admission to one evening of programs, including Zingeray (sing-a-long), Evening Concert, and Late-Night Program.In early December, you will receive a survey so YNY can get an estimate of class sizes. Class materials will be sent 1-2 weeks prior to the festival and Zoom & Vimeo links will be sent 24-48 hrs before December 26th.If you have registration questions, please contact Pete at

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Join us for a new Yiddish New York experience online! Be part of an amazing intergenerational community. Programming for all ages!

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