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The HUP Team is working to adjust our progamming and provide valuable virtual opportunities to learn and engage during this uncertain time. We will be hosting presentations and discussions with University of Minnesota faculty and researchers during our Winter Webinar Series on a variety of topics.You will recieve an email the week of the event from with webinar access information. Please email us with any questions or concerns.December 14: "Contextualizing the Twin Cities Uprising" with Professor Adam BledsoeIn the summer of 2020, Professor Adam Bledsoe created and published online the Minneapolis Uprising Syllabus. This bibliography is intended to offer background to how Minneapolis became a flashpoint for a global uprising against anti-Blackness and state violence. He wrote, ". . . it is meant to be a brief introduction to understanding the struggles of the Twin Cities’ Black community, focusing especially on the case of Minneapolis. While this historic moment is only possible because of the dedication and courage of those risking their lives in the streets, studying the legacies of struggle in the Twin Cities is vital to grappling with our current conditions and being able to shape our future." Read more here. We are excited to welcome Professor Bledsoe to present about this work in the HUP Winter Webinar Series.Presenter:Adam Bledsoe is Associate Professor in the Department of Geography, Environment & Society in the College of Liberal Arts at the University of Minnesota. Professor Bledsoe is interested in a variety of questions pertaining to the African Diaspora and how people of African descent in the Americas understand, critique, and offer alternatives to societal structures that oppress them. He sees Blackness as a global phenomenon that manifests in different ways across different times and spaces. These variations aside, he also sees Blackness as a phenomenon that has led to important theorizations and practices of liberation around the world. An engagement with the ways in which Black populations understand, conceive of, and create space is thus fundamental to imagining and establishing new ways of existing. These interests have led Bledsoe to engage with a number of bodies of literature, including Black geographies, feminist geography, political geography, critical social theory, and critical race theory.

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Hennepin County and the University of Minnesota work together through a strategic partnership to capture value for both organizationsu2014connecting the two organizations where mutual benefit can be achieved. This includes research around local government policies and practices, community-based research, sharing of academic and practitioner expertise, and working with students who seek to apply their academic learning in a real-world setting.

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