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(Why) Somebody Had To Do It is an academic lecture which focuses upon the correlation of school desegregation in the 1960s & 1970s and contemporary social issues impacting school systems across the nation. This Live Q&A is the ultimate companion piece to the lecture. Dr. Brown's down-to-earth historical lecture is based upon her• Personal involvement as a school desegregation litigant• 20+ year career as a university U.S. history professor• Multi-decades long role as social justice advocate and cultural criticShe offers audiences (high school through graduate level)• Clarification of actual motivations for early school desegregation• Critique of incomplete/inaccurate historical interpretations of all-Black institutions before and following Brown-vs-Board of Education (1954)• Examination of ongoing negative impact upon marginalized children• Discussion of social science/educational policy regarding African American children (past and present) This companion 30-minute, LIVE stream Q&A with Dr. Brown intended for intimate challenge to and exchange with audiences to promote critical thinking about major 20th and 21st century social transformation efforts placed on the shoulders of young people. Fee: $300.00 USD*Image courtesy of Smithsonian Magazine; Lola Flash - Photographer*

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Qu0026A with Historian and 'First Child' of desegregation, Dr. Millicent E. Brown, on misconceptions and stereotypes about school desegregation.

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