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In 1862, the ardent abolitionist William Lloyd Garrison summarized the events tearing the United States apart: “There is a war because there was a Republican Party. There was a Republican Party because there was an Abolition Party. There was an Abolition Party because there was Slavery.” Garrison’s simple statement expresses the essential truths at the heart of LeeAnna Keith’s When It Was Grand. This is the full story of the Radical Republicans―the champions of abolition--who established a new political party and turned it toward ending slavery. These idealistic Massachusetts preachers and philanthropists, rugged Midwestern politicians, and African American activists collaborated to protect escaped slaves from their captors, to create and defend black military regiments and to win the contest for the soul of their party. People like Ralph Waldo Emerson and John Brown. People like the gruff antislavery general John Fremont and his astute wife, Jessie Benton Fremont. And people like Abraham Lincoln, the radicals’ sometime critic and sometime partner. In the 1850s and 1860s, a powerful faction of the Republican Party stood for a demanding ideal of racial justice―and insisted that their party and nation live up to it. Here is the definitive account of their indelible accomplishment.MEMBER DISCOUNT: To receive your discount, enter the email associated with your membership in the Promo Field.

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The Falmouth Museums on the Green, owned and operated by the Falmouth Historical Society, is a two-acre campus that has been serving the residents and visitors of Falmouth since 1900. One of the most popular sites in Falmouth for visitors, it contains the 1790 Dr. Francis Wicks Houseu2014a magnificent Federalist-period residence with guided tours demonstrating what life was like for an affluent physician in the late 18th and early 19th centuries; the recently-restored 1730 Conant Houseu2014used for exhibits, research and genealogy studies; the Hallett Barn Visitorsu2019 Centeru2014rebuilt in 2002 on the site of an original barn and used a welcoming point for those coming to Falmouth as well as the u201cWhaling Wives Gift Shopu201d; the Colonial Gardensu2014showing off plantings, such as a boxwood tree, that go back to the days prior to the American Revolution; Memorial Parku2014a tranquil place of refuge that is open to all visitors looking for relaxation; and the recently-opened (2012) Cultural Centeru2014a superb, 3600 square foot structure used for public and private programs and events, public restrooms, kitchen facilities, and as a repository for archival collections to preserve Falmouthu2019s past. It also has a series of rotating historical exhibits throughout the campus.

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