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We're taking it global this time! In her second virtual art event EVER, Simone Agoussoye is once again bringing some light to the darkness of 2020. The Motherland art show will be a journey through entertainment and all orientations of art, to the continent from where we all have roots - Africa. While the media might portray one vision of Africa, the continent is made up of so many beautiful cultures, so much diverse beauty, and breathtaking landscapes of all types. The music, the clothing, the visuals that influence the world - The Motherland art show hopes to encapsulate all of that into a unique experience that will ultimately be a delightful escape for all!As always we have a fun dress code! Pull out your best kente cloth, dashiki, kufi and boubou. I want to see the brightest and most beautiful colors and prints. Even if you don't have an authentic African garment, you can always do an inspired outfit! Be creative.Performing during the show, we have:The Writers/Poets:Comfy @comfytuneDorah @pierrederailEdu @edu.soyyoLois @_wisdomispowerOmotara @omotarajamesWayne @truegentleman The Singers/Musicians:Ave @avelino_officiel Othniel Laura @africanqueen_foreverRay @ayorayyofficialThe Dancers:Gala @galamosweu Malahni @halfricenne Ore @offcialore1 Shai-D @Shai_dlc Xavier @xavier_robbins_ and some bangers played from opening to close by DJ Too Much and DJ Lady Taz!! Get your free tickets NOW by registering today.Note to All: After the normal run of show, the DJs will stay online for a few more hours for any who are interested in an after party!

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