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The Capital of Race Capitals: Towards a Connective Cartography of Black Internationalisms This paper makes the case for thinking through historical iterations of black internationalism and Pan-Africanism - two categories of anti-imperial and anti-racist politics and strategy that could be both mutually constitutive and highly exclusive - in relation to space and place, specifically to the urban city sites they emerged from. Examining the case studies of Paris, Dakar, New York, Algiers and London, this paper is an effort towards ‘the study of a place as an idea,’ whereby I simultaneously trace the layers of meaning that these particular cities acquired in the pantheon of black internationalism, and inquire into the relationship between these meanings and the physical sites of the cities themselves.Image credit: Augusta Savage, Les Fétiches. It is copyright the Smithsonian Institution. Courtesy of the National Museum of Art. About the speakerDr Sarah C Dunstan is a Leverhulme Early Career Fellow working on a monograph that maps out how philosophical and cultural understandings of what it meant to be human were deployed in the mid-twentieth century to craft legal frameworks at the level of the international and the national. Her first book, Race, Rights and Reform: Black Activism across the French Empire and the United States from World War 1 to Cold War, is forthcoming with Cambridge University Press in March 2021. @sarahcdunstan Connect with the IHSSJoin the mailing list

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  • November 25, 2020 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM Ended
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Webinar with Dr Sarah C Dunstan on black internationalism, Pan-Africanism and the city

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