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Section 200 of the course picks up where section 100 left off. It covers a wide range of subjects that Malcolm X either did not include in his Autobiography or if included, were not fully fleshed out due to certain constraints or stylistic concerns. We will learn in great detail the history of Malcolm's unfortunate meeting with the leaders of the KKK in Atlanta in 1961.In week two we'll discuss at length what would be a turning point in Malcolm's life when the Los Angeles Police raided the NOI mosque #27 and killed in cold blood its secretary Ronald Stokes, a very close friend of Malcolm X.Week three the class will discuss two of Malcolm most famous speeches, the Message to the Grassroots and the Ballot or the Bullet, both left out of the Autobiography. In week four we'll learn the history of Malcolm's activities during the historic March on Washington as well as a closer look at his sojourn in Africa and the Middle East with an emphasis on some of the revolutionary African leaders he met and what they discussed. Finally I will also touch on the so-called three missing chapters and the true story of his relationship with Harlem gangster Bumpy Johnson. We are going to get into it as only we can! Students will receive a ZOOM meeting email approximately 1/2 hour before each class.

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