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Suya joint bar and lounge Restaurant A sophisticated west African bar and Lounge designed to appeal to local Africans searching for a taste home and non Africans looking to have an exotic and flavorful dining experience.

Established in 2011.

"Suya" is a favored Nigerian food delicacy. Suya kabobs are made of thinly sliced beef or chicken seasoned with authentic Nigerian herbs and spices. Suya Joint offers the finest suya available along with a full array of traditional Nigerian cuisine. Suya Joint is owned and operated by Nigerian chef Cecelia Lizotte. It started as a small catering business - an avenue for her to express her passion for food and cooking. Her love of food came early in her life and she learned to cook from many talented cooks in her family. Cecelia sees food as an artistic creation, combining spices, cultivating flavor and stimulating taste to create the most delectable meals. What started as a local catering business operated out of Cecelia's home has grown to a substantial catering service and a full-service Nigerian restaurant in Boston serving lunch and dinner daily. The food at Suya Joint is prepared fresh from scratch using natural ingredients.

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    185 Dudley St Roxbury, MA, USA

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185 Dudley St Roxbury, MA, USA

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