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The largest voter turnout in history. A national Census during COVID. These things don't happen by themselves. We did them - TOGETHER!Let's Celebrate, Appreciate, Reflect and Plan for 2021!*Brunch delivered to your home by start time of the Brunch- limited deliveries, please register now - Fun to eat the same meal together - and be virtual! *Actually break bread together, and Virtually connect in community! *Empowered Speakers and Guests - Register and Stay Tuned!The State of the Coalition Brunch is hosted by the IL Muslim Civic Coalition with our activists, leaders, and 100+ partner/ally organizations across the nation. The Midwest has the most diverse and largest Muslim, Arab, South Asian, Latino, and African American populations - blended and beautiful families of different faiths, races, and backgrounds. This is the Coalition!Count, Vote, Advocate - and Achieve Civic

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