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Skoto Gallery was established in 1992 as a space where some of the best works by African artists can be exhibited within the context of a diverse audience. it's inaugural exhibition was curated by African-American jazz luminary Ornette Coleman. As one of the first galleries specializing in contemporary African Art in New York City, it has been instrumental in the progression of this rapidly growing field.Inspite of its major commitment to contemporary African Art, the gallery has also managed to expand, deepen and diversify its involvement with contemporary issues by engaging a wide range of art and artists in its programming. Towards this end, the gallery has increasingly become a nexus of possibilities not only for contemporary African art but for mainstream artists of any ethnic or cultural persuasion. It has become a site where the adventurous viewer and collector can be involved in an ongoing cultural dialogue.The gallery sees art in ecumenical terms and often organizes exhibitions to show the submerged relationships of a post-modern global culture after modernism. Some of its exhibitions have included works by American and international artists such as Tom Otterness, Al Loving, Samia Halaby, Mary Frank, Sol LeWitt, Frank Bowling, Emilio Cruz, Helen Ramsaran, SoHyun Bae, Richard Hunt, Carol Kreeger Davidson, Bob Thompson, Paul Gardere, Vladimir Cybil Charlier, Andre Juste and Freddy Rodriguez.

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