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Sometimes we are taught to think of segregation as only separation. But segregation, or "Jim Crow" as it was nicknamed, was far more than separation. It was the denial of full humanity to Black people, and led to the diminished lives of African Americans. It even caused their deaths.And Jim Crow existed on massive levels of violence.What you also need to know is that, although many of us learned the MYTH that segregation was a southern phenomenon. Jim Crow was a NATIONAL reality. In the north, as well as the south. And it was violent in the north too. Join historian and educator Jamon Jordan of Black Scroll Network History & Tours for this virtual lecture on the rise of Jim Crow and the African American fight against it. After you register, you will receive a Zoom link in your email. Please check the email you provided at registration 2 days before the presentation. Price - $30

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WHO WE ARErnThe Black Scroll Network, History u0026 Tours, L.L.C., came into being in 2013. After years of leading tours for free, the founder of the company saw the need for people to have a personal experience with the history of African Americans and Black people throughout the Diaspora. This is especially true in Detroit, MI, where the company was founded and is based. This city, which is about 85% African American, has a rich history, from enslaved Africans and Indigenous People to being a major station on the Underground Railroad which Black people used to escape enslavement, to a Black economic and residential center, known as Black Bottom u0026 Paradise Valley to numerous events, leaders and figures in history.rnWe offer tours in Detroit, other places in Michigan, and even historical sites throughout the United States. Please contact Jamon Jordan at 313-983-9216 or email him at to schedule a tour.rn

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