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Rev. Dr. Akilah Karima founded “Remembering Our Ancestors of Middle Passage Commemoration" to honor all the beautiful souls who survive the Middle Passage so that we would never forget the many individuals who survived the Middle Passage and those that didn't. This event has been hosted annually at Foundry Park in York, PA, a city also well-known for its underground railroad station. We hope that you will join us on June 12, 2021 between 11:00 AM & 3:00 PM in keeping this tradition alive! The venue will feature the dynamic Malcolm X Drummers and Dancers!"Drums are an integral part of the African culture. Symbolically and traditionally they a hold a profound meaning and are used to communicate, rejoice, grieve and motivate. Thus, when the slave trade scattered Africans throughout the world, their deep connection to the drums and intricate drumming style impacted the world of music, bringing a flavor that is not."

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