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This show will be a different Glorious. How so? There will be no stage, we will be at our new home in Collymore Rock in Barbados, you will be the first to see and explore the bran-new Barbadian-African Kavalho Dance Technique...and so much more. The team is all excited and ready to loose themselves after months of COVID-19 lockdown. So come prepared for an explosion in dance, music and theatre. Don't forget the cause - we all have to respond to COVID by helping each other...good always triumphs and God always Blesses.Please take note of the Time Zone listed and accurately convert the time to the Time Zone where you live.

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Step By Step Production out of Barbados has produced the HUSH series of 3 feature length movies, between 2008 and 2011. Their last film Chrissy was a blockbuster, touring the Caribbean, the USA, Canada, the UK and as far as South Africa and Zimbabwe.rnThis new movie is set to be no different and in fact is expected to supercede Chrissy. Come and take a look for yourself and let them know if you loved Vigilante - The Crossing.rn#OneRace

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