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El Otoño Negro: A Black Latin American Virtual Experience: A three-part courseDates: December 3rd, 5th, 6th 2020Times: 7:30-10:00 PM ESTMethod: ZoomTERMS: Please note, no classes will be recorded. All sessions are live. Tickets are valid for that date only. If you cannot attend a session you signed up for, you may transfer your ticket to someone else, please communicate this with us and do so at least two hours prior to the start of class. If you are a no-show, you forfeit your ticket. This is to honor the extensive labor of the instructors and integrity of the class. We send an email 48 hours prior to class with resources. Everyone gets this email. Everyone. If you find you have not received the email, check your spam folders and/or double-check that the email you noted is indeed the correct email. We cannot switch out email accounts once your ticket is purchased. You must have a Zoom account for these sessions and sign in to access the zoom link. ..Course Description:El Otoño Negro is a virtual learning experience that centers African people and their descenda?nts in Latin America. Participants in this course will engage in a variety of materials including, but not limited to articles, videos, and presentations.This course will include at the historical construction of race and trafficking of African people in the region. We also engage the contemporary realities and systemic white pathological challenges of Black Latin Americans not defined by a singular nation. Geo-politically we cover; North, Central & South Americas and the Caribbean...Among the topics to be discussed:.The myth of "Mestizaje" and breaking down the white supremacist pathology and hegemony of "La Raza," "HIspanidad," and "La Raza Cosmica" and how whiteness in the U.S., Latin America, and Spain have historically been in communicationfor centuries...History of the casta system and the foundations of Latin American pigmentocracy and racial hierarchy...Afrodescendant and Black Diasporic Resistance, Migration, Engagement and Solidarity through time and space until present-day. ..Color, Race, Class & Gender politics and how they inform one another.U.S. Imperialism aided by white Latinxs in Latin America..The Black Latin American Experience in Sport..Cost of Course:All sessions are live. No sessions will be recorded. The entire course, which is three days, costs $135 USD per participant. Individual classes can be purchased for $50 USD each per participant

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