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OKHA is a book club prioritising queer and black fam. Our focus is written works by African, Caribbean & Afro-Latinx authors. For each session we provide the read, have an exhibition by a queer + black artist and usually another component such as a panel discussion, author Q+A or screening. We want to bring works by those of black ancestry to the front and to provide a space for storytellers and lovers as well as those who don't usually read. You can join us every month to share perspectives, learnings and experiences orally - lets analyse, educate and build community one tale at a time. November This months read is All About Love by bell hooks. We ask that you come having read the book or part read it and at OKHA we’ll talk about it surrounded by our fam.For this session, we would also like you to write a Love Note, to yourself, your sibling or a partner. And we'll also have an empowering roundtable about 'Our Queer Love' with some amazing guests. We’ll let you know who they are soon but for now sending you love and warmth About Bell HooksHer full name is Gloria Jean Watkins, better and she is an American author, professor, feminist, and social activist. The name "bell hooks" is borrowed from her maternal great-grandmother, Bell Blair Hooks. In 1984 bell hooks published ‘Feminist Theory: From Margin to Center’ this piece of work among others really centered black female identity, and calls out feminism for its deeply racist and definitely classist biases through this many feel she paved the way for intersectional feminism. (Note: you may find her work a little binary, but you know, it is what it is.) Hooks was really onto something from early in her youth, a quote from her work Ain’t I A Woman reads.. “Without a doubt, the false sense of power black women are encouraged to feel allows us to think that we are not in need of social movements like a women’s movement that would liberate us from sexist oppression. The sad irony is of course that black women are often most victimised by the very sexism we refuse to collectively identify as an oppressive force.” bell hooks was named as Time magazines 100 Women of 2020. Hit up your search engines to read a little more on that :)-----------------------------Brought to you by PRIM PRIM is a platform for storytelling launching soon. Follow for info - soon land.OKHA means story/tale in the Edo language of Nigeria. It is a new community focused space aiming to bring people together, in particular, queer and black people. We do however, want this to be a fully inclusive space meaning being queer is not a prerequisite for attendance but a clear indication of the tone and energy of the space. OKHA BOOK FUNDWe want everyone to be able to access and take part at OKHA without limitations due to funds. Our sessions are free but we encourage all attendees to give a donation towards the purchase of books for those who cannot afford it. We also have support from Audible who are providing access to free audiobooks for our sessions. So far donations are at £1180 ! Thanks to a healthy donation from SKY TV via our fam Tanya Compas :)

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  • November 27, 2020 2:00 PM - 9:00 PM Ended
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OKHA is a book club prioritising queer and black fam. Our focus is written works by African, Caribbean u0026 Afro-Latinx authors.

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