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MAC is more than an agency providing HIV/AIDS education, prevention, and counseling and testing services. MAC is a place where people from every corner of the community come together to find common ground and face the HIV/AIDS crisis. People who are affected often feel unworthy and unwelcome at home, at church, and even at some health care agencies. At MAC we provide information and support that helps them build faith in themselves and, in many cases, find the strength to help others. MAC is a place that believes in the value of every human life and that no kind of difference should keep us from helping each other live healthy lives – with respect, dignity, and love. We have no doubt that our community can reverse the direction of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, if together we have the determination and will to do so. The Multicultural AIDS Coalition (MAC) offers HIV/STI screening and personalized navigation to treatment. We also provide ongoing support for people living with HIV and Hepatitis C. The mission of the Multicultural AIDS Coalition (MAC) is to mobilize communities of color to end the HIV/AIDS epidemic. We work to ensure high quality, accessible prevention and treatment services for people living with HIV, at high risk for becoming infected, or closely affected by the disease. We also support broader community efforts to eradicate conditions that fuel the epidemic, including substance abuse, lack of health care access, homelessness, incarceration and oppression based on race, ethnicity, gender and sexual orientation.

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31 New Heath Street, Jamaica Plain, MA, USA

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