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More than "I Do", Hosts: Derrick and Cherelle JamesA virtual live podcast where we talk about being Married and in Business.  Let’s be honest being married is a tough job within itself. And then being in business together just adds a different layer, onto that. Plus no one is talking about this and couples in business need support.We’ve been married for 16 years, in business for 8. We have a lot to say and share. (Personal stories, experience, advice, and guest couples)

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Our mission is to assist, educate and inspire people to create wealth through entrepreneurship by leveraging technology and a strategy of global networking. To accomplish our mission we promote entrepreneurship through our website www.Every.Black, conduct weekly virtual mastermind meetings, educate our audiences through our podcasts, provide a comprehensive membership directory for distribution and promote our members through social media and massive email blasts.Contact Info: Jimmy DaviesPhone: 919-265-8045, Email: Jimmy@Every.BlackJoin the Every.Black Family at www.Every.Black/Join to receive your receive your 30 DAY FREE Trial Membership and be included in the all new Every.Black Membership Directory.Please support the Every.Black Entrepreneur Podcast Network at: www.Entrepreneurship.Blacku201cWhere there is change, there is opportunity. Since change is constant, there is always opportunity.u201d ... Jimmy J. Davies

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