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Welcome to this 4 part webinar series to create awareness around Financial Literacy in Africa. We will be sharing the speakers for each of these panels and their profiles on our social media. Part 1: The reality behind financial literacy in Africa - 9th December 2020 (7pm-8pm EAT)Part 2: The real estate myth and the absence of African business angels - 16th December 2020 (7pm-8pm EAT)Part 3: Staying finacially afloat in a pandemic - 6th January 2021 (7pm-8pm EAT)Part 4: Empower Her Finances - Financial Literacy for women. - 13th January 2021 (7pm-8pm EAT)This is all in preparation for our Financial Literacy program launchind in February 2021. If you want to learn more about that program and what to expect head over to; that we hope you join us for this 4 part series and stay tuned to the Live discussions we will also be having on our social media; Instagram - - Let's make it a date! Tell your friends, tell your family, tell your colleagues. TRUTH IS, WE ALL NEED A MONEY CHECK!

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This is a 4 part webinar series on Financial Literacy in Africa. We will dive deep into topics that are all too often ignored!

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