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Part 2 of 2. A review of the scientific experiments and research performed on Black people to refine various drugs and medical treatments for use with white people. We also detail chemical and biological warfare. This presentation will draw on Harriet Washington's book of the same name, various documentation from World War 1 and 2, Aboriginal history, Vietnam, US Prisons, Porton Down, Ivory coast, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Australia, Nigeria, Somalia, Kenya and South AfricaIt will cover:Piracy, Poisons and East AfricaRadioactive People: North Africa and the PacificBirth and Crowd Control: The South African Solution, Project CoastNational Security Memorandum 200Vic Mackie and Congressional InquiriesThe 'War on Drugs', Haiti, Jamaica, USAThe Mau Mau, Kenya, Sierra Leone and Afghanistan,IraqThis is an online events via Zoom. Your Zoom link will be sent one hour before the event to the email address you used to register. Please check your junk mail.Other coming online events from :The Amazing James Baldwin courseAfrican Women Resistance Leaders: Political and Spiritual courseJim Kelly Kung Fu and Black British Civil RightsBlack women's resistance in 1800s literatureAfrican odysseys Black Films and White PowerBlack Presence in the National GalleryAfrican Graphic NovelsAfrican Hair before BondageThe Black history of video gamesThe Gentrification of Peckham and Black urban removal worldwide

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  • December 1, 2020 1:30 PM - 8:30 PM Ended
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rnBlack History Walks offers guided Walking Tours of London to includeu00a0its Africanu00a0historyu00a0which goes back 3500 years. We run bus and river tours too.Walks take place in 12 different areas.Weu00a0also offer films, talks and workshopsu00a0each monthu00a0all year. See website or join mail list for details.rnrnu00a0

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