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Join us weekly for (1) hour to find a safe space for people of color and allies to have conversation, ask questions, learn and get involved. We will be discussing everything from systemic oppression to BLM to pressing questions on allyship and how to be an effective ally, as well as resources for continuing the conversation, getting involved and creating real solutions -- TOGETHER. Expect to leave with a wealth of knowledge, newfound community, laughs and maybe even new friends and connections.Únase a nosotros semanalmente para encontrar un espacio seguro para que las personas de color y sus aliados puedan conversar, hacer preguntas, aprender e involucrarse. Hablaremos de todo, desde la opresión sistémica hasta el BLM, hasta preguntas urgentes sobre la alianza y cómo ser un aliado efectivo, así como recursos para continuar la conversación, involucrarse y crear soluciones reales, JUNTOS. Espere irse con una gran cantidad de conocimiento, comunidad recién descubierta, risas y tal vez incluso nuevos amigos y conexiones.Agenda:Meditation (1-2 minutes)Intention SharingConversation /Topic #1Reflection #1Conversation/Topic #2Reflection #2Community Building "Fun" ActivityResources , Announcements, Action StepsMeditation (1-2 minutes)El Horario:Meditación (1-2 minutos)Compartir intencionesConversación / Tema # 1Reflexión # 1Conversación / Tema # 2Reflexión # 2Actividad "divertida" de construcción comunitariaRecursos y anunciosMeditación (1-2 minutos)Donations support First Ladies of Poverty Foundation and the co-hosts leading the event. / Las donaciones apoyan la Fundación Primeras Damas de la Pobreza y los coanfitriones que lideran el evento.Event Hosts:Persons of Color (POC): Shatoyia Jones, of African descent (African-American)Allies: Monica Kerik, of Latinx descent (Mexican); Elizabeth Sullivan, of European descentTo become a host (as a person of color or an ally) contact us.

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An award-winning organization that creates, hosts and promote entrepreneurship and passive income investing programming for BIPOC/Minority and underpriviledged communities. We offer an academy (classes and enrichment), mentor-ship and membership support to hard-working and talented entrepreneurial minded BIPOC individuals seeking a personal blueprint to attain personal, professional and financial success while facing and overcoming systemic barriers of oppression.Long-Term VisionThe long-term vision: to create a universal framework for at least 50% of poverty reduction in America and leave behind a legacy of poverty reduction impact work, starting with our research from students coming into our program, as well as our community development work related to systemic racism and various forms of systemic oppression in America, the American government and internal community analysis.Learn More: ProgramsWorkshops, Events and RetreatsAcademy (Masterclasses u0026 Courses)MembershipMentorshipwith online and offline options available.

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