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Building Beloved Community Through Collective CouragePeople across the country are waking up to the reality that racism and oppression exist in very real ways. In order to truly make transformative and liberatory change, we must confront how we show up. We get the culture we create in the workplace and in our communities. It is all about intentionally building a truly equitable, welcoming, and inclusive business/ institution/ organization that goes beyond diversity. In this session, we will better understand how we can truly build equitable, just and liberation centered workplaces that create lasting impact and change in our communities and society. We will develop specific ways to champion anti-oppression within your organization on interpersonal and systemic levels. This interactive workshop will center the values of Beloved Community and offer real guidelines to assist in building a framework that shifts power structures and centers the reality that another world is possible. About Tanay Lynn Harris:Tanay Lynn Harris is the Founder and Principal Strategist of Tenacity Consulting. As a social impact strategist, facilitator, and organizer, she advises non-profits, philanthropic organizations, political campaigns, and institutions in expanding their work to achieve equitable and transformative impact. She is committed to expanding their work to achieve equitable and transformative impact. She is committed to holistic approaches to cultivating change-makers and ushering in liberation and transformation within ourselves and organizations.Tanay worked for the Center for African American Research and Public Policy at Temple University co-coordinator and was an educator in Philadelphia. Her time as a grass roots organizer learning from leading activists, scholars and building community, she learned more deeply the grave structural disparities. Tanay believes in holding community members as experts into the issues they face and the path needed to forge ahead.Tanay has worked on some of the nation’s high-profile legal cases and pressing issues of our time. She is a former national organizer at the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund Inc. (LDF) in NYC. Tanay worked with leaders and co munity members in various cities across the country to help build capacity and momentum, based on their collective needs and wants. Her work at LDF helped increase attorney, organizer and community collaboration to make long-lasting, people centers and transformative change. Majority of her work was at the intersection of criminal justice, education, economics and political participation. After her time at LDF , she worked with global ecumenical faith leaders around social justice, human rights and community development from a holistic perspective.Tanay leveraged legal support in Ferguson during the Uprising, to protect the rights of protestors and the community through holistic and technical support. She was also a member of the Baltimore Legal Defense Fund during the Baltimore Uprising that became the Black Movement Law Project where she continues to support as a project coordinator. Additionally, Tanay also works on issues pertaining to maternal mental health & wellness, birth and reproductive justice and is a Kindred Partner with the Black Mamas Matter Alliance and a member of the Maryland Maternal Taskforce. Additionally, she is on the Advisory Board of CLLCTIVLY in Baltimore, Maryland which provides and ecosystem of support for Black- led businesses and organizations. Tanay is a graduate of African Studies/ African American studies at Temple University and the Center for Social Impact Strategies from the University of Pennsylvania.

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