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Bustling eatery serving family-style portions of African cuisine in an intimate, dimly-lit space.

If you want to briefly transfer to sunny Africa, – visit the restaurant of African cuisine La Savane. African cuisine is a mixture of traditions of many countries of the continent. Most often, this cuisine is prepared on the basis of cereals, legumes, olives, nuts, local fruits and vegetables. In meat dishes preference is given to veal and lamb. In North Africa, couscous with vegetables is very popular; on the west coast – soup fufu end (thick soup, richly flavored with pepper); in East Africa, whose cuisine was formed under the influence of Indians, many cereals are used for food – for example, rice with curry spices and millet porridge. Dishes of African cuisine are extremely unusual and diverse, and with the help of this collection you can try them by choosing the African restaurant La Savane.

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    239 W 116th St, New York, NY, USA

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239 W 116th St, New York, NY, USA

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