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Julius Nyerere led Tanzania to Independence – and is revered as the Father of the Nation. He turned it into a model of African socialism. And then had to watch while his policies were reversed, and structural adjustment led to reinstatement of the private sector. Now we have a new biography, in three volumes: • Volume 1 on his early life and influences, by Saida Yahya-Othman; • Volume 2 on the path to Independence, by Ng’wanza Kamata; and • Volume 3 on the path from capitalism to socialism and back again, by Issa Shivji. The authors interviewed Nyerere’s friends and had access to his papers, and break new ground on almost every page. The three of them will introduce their work, and there will then be discussion of what they have achieved and what it tells us about Africa and Tanzania. There will be a chance to ask questions. This event is sponsored by the Britain Tanzania Society, and will be recorded. The zoom link to attend will be emailed to registered participants 2 days prior to the event.To purchase a copy of the 3 volumes for £60, go to

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The Britain Tanzania Society was founded in 1975 to improve communications and understanding between the UK and Tanzania. It is a non-political, non-governmental organisation. Bishop Trevor Huddleston in England and former Minister of Foreign Affairs Amon Nsekela in Tanzania were involved at the start.rnIt very quickly created a charity, theu00a0Tanzania Development Trustu00a0(TDT), to support small local projects in Tanzania, especially in parts of the country that other NGOs were less likely to reach. This has grown and developed, and become more professional, with local representatives employed in the parts of Tanzania where we support projects. There is a u201cchapteru201d of the BTS in Tanzania, which operates independently.rnBTS is the publisher of the journal Tanzanian Affairs and regular Newsletters.rnBTS does not employ staff u2013 all its activities are carried out by volunteers.rnIts President is Hon Hassan Mwinyi, former President of Tanzania, Its Vice Presidents are Trevor Jaggar who has been linked with Tanzania (and before that Tanganyika) since 1950, Ronald Fennell MBE, Elizabeth Fennell MBE, Professor Esther Mwaikambo and Derek Ingram OBE.rnObjectivesrnThe Britain-Tanzania Society aims to increase mutual knowledge, understanding and respect between the peoples of Britain and Tanzania through the following activitiesu00a0:rnrnthe promotion, preservation and protection of the health and well-being of the people of Tanzania andu00a0the relief or reduction of poverty through (but not limited to) the development of education, health and other social services, the improvement of water supplies and other communal facilities and the promotion of self- help activities.rnadvancing the education of the public in arts, and culture, including the publication, by electronic means or otherwise, of papers, briefings, newsletters, journals, or other materials relating to the development of Tanzania and its arts and culture.rnProviding speakers and writers and running seminars in the UK on subjects relating to TanzaniarnProviding networks and activities which support Tanzanians living in the UK.rnthe promotion of equality and diversity in particular by encouraging cultural awareness and racial harmony.rnPublishingu00a0Tanzanian Affairsu00a0three times a year, providing an overview of news from TanzaniarnRunning receptions, exhibitions, conferences or other meetings or events relating to these activities.rnWelcoming visitors to the host countryrnOffering support and friendship to studentsrn

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