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Warm & welcoming eatery with colorful art-filled walls serving a roster of Senegalese standards.

We are a West African restaurant specializing in Senegalese cuisine. After almost 20 years serving the community, we have taken a significant part in transforming our restaurant and environment into a "Taste of Senegal."  Each of our customers have the opportunity to join in at our table as family and fest in our traditional dishes.

Joloff has become a home to all people, of all traditions!  Since 1995, Joloff Restaurant has been visited regularly not only by the local community but also by a number of celebrities. Some celebrities who have been regulars and event hosts at Joloff include: Sizzla, AKON, Talib Kweli, Mos Def, Eryka Badu, M1, Kevin Powel, Isac Debancole.

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    1168 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY, USA

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1168 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY, USA

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