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Healing Arts under Isendale African Creative Arts Center is a non-profit organization and center that was founded by a group of artists and friends in Inglewood, California. Healing Arts was designed to create healing and awareness to somebody who needs a recovery especially patients, veterans, and destitutes of different kinds. Patients who has a chronic dying diseases like cancer needs creativities in Art Healings to bring life back. Such patients who have undergoes serious depression and pains in their life needs alternatives to return back to life despite their diagnosis. Healing Arts are proud to be part of this organization. We work in teams and groups after a vigorous training in the center and we're able to go around to different Veterans homes, hospitals, shelters and deliver/train them more on African culture traditional arts. Drug and Alcohol are one of the greatest diseases within our societies, different NGO's and Organizations have tried different ways to rehabilitate. Lawrence Iyoha a self trained artist, choosed to become an artist after his secondary and higher institution and was encouraged by his older brother John Iyoha who stood by him throughout his career and advised him more to be self realistic. They stayed together as a team, create ideas and shared common experience.

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216 S Inglewood Ave, Inglewood, CA, USA

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