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I am pleased to Welcome to our Next Chapter Meeting.This month I am pleased to Welcome Mark Shawa and Deshini NewmanMark will be sharing his insights and perspectives on the Human Element, helping us understand how the human and cultural elements impact cyber securityDeshini will share updates on the new UKCSC, (UK Cyber Security Council), and, time permitting respond to questions from Chapter Members.The UK Government included plans in its National Cyber Security Strategy in 2016 to develop the cyber security profession, including creating a UK Cyber Security Council to focus on professional development, professional ethics, thought leadership, influence and outreach. Late last year, the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport commissioned the creation of the Council through a consortium of cyber security professional bodies – including (ISC)² –known as the Cyber Security Alliance.Our conversations are always enthusiastic, open and honest, and go down many paths so please feel free to come as ask from experienced members, and share your experience with other members. This will be an online event, please register with an email address you check often as we will be sending connection details on the day of the event.About our speakers: Mark Shawa, also known as Mark the Afri-CAN, a Teacher, Thinker, Story-teller and all things inspirational.About Mark:"My Driver is that we are woven in Trust and Authenticity, so that Together we are stronger and better for each other!!!!!!My Vision is an AFRICA where WE feel SAFE; Safe enough to be OUR TRUE selves. NO judgment and no one left behind. An AFRICA where we are INSPIRED to walk in our AUTHENTICITY and be better CONNECTED with each other. This is OUR AFRICA.This is my Vision.My Why is to CREATE SAFE SPACES for All AFRICANS, so WE can feel INSPIRED to be OUR AUTHENTIC SELVES. And in turn, INSPIRE OTHER AFRICANS to do the same" Deshini Newman is the Managing Director of (ISC)2 EMEA, Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, included in the list of top 50 most influential women in cybersecurity in the UK. High EQ global leader with a passion for making global education accessible and advocating for diversity in the workforce to enable business success.We look forward to seeing you (ISC)² Chapter East of England Officers

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  • December 3, 2020 12:00 PM - 7:00 PM Ended
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