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In this class you will be introduced to traditional African-American Conjure best known as Hoodoo . We will also venture off into the world of route working which is African-American herbalism. This is a true introduction into the culture of the people! You cannot know a f*** about magic without knowing the fault of that magic. In this virtual two part series we will cover what Hoodoo is, isn’t, and how we traditionally work this Conjure. We will also cover traditional terms used in the African-American unity which brought full honor to those that held particular titles, gifts, and knowledge. We will be referencing The Queen of Spades , a book that brings a true traditional connection an educational resource to those interested in this way of life. Recordings will be available after the classes.*By purchasing both classes, students will receive a copy of Queen Co Meadows’ The Queen of Spades.

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Join our host The Hoodoo Queen, Queen Co, in our 2-part Introduction to Hoodoo and Conjure!

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