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iCARE Jamaica - Men on Purpose iCARE Jamaica has an ambition to introduce and coordinate a series of intensive enrichment and empowerment More To Life programmes in Portland, Jamaica. This profound vision will coordinate the Power of Purpose – Facilitation programme on behalf of More To Life, with a focus on men, in Jamaica for seven years starting December 2020. Why focus on men?Natalie supported her godson and other young people who had been excluded from school with iCAREBOYS2MEN activities throughout 2017 and 2018 and coordinated activities sons and their fathers. Jamaica past and present Black Lives Matter as Jamaica, has an underbelly of discrimination, that was and is targeted primarily towards men of African descent, who historically experience post-traumatic stress syndrome. Jamaica was notorious for being named by the British as the island where enslaved African people would be “seasoned”, suffering the worst kinds of treatment in the Caribbean. This legacy is evident in Jamaica today and plays a huge part in Natalie’s passion to uproot Moss Side to assist Portland, Jamaica in December 2020 returning to her ancestral home. iCARE Jamaica evokes and inspires us to live our dreams. Natalie’s courage and commitment is undeniable. iCARE Jamaica is a revolution over 7 years to transform the quality of lives for men and their families in Portland on purpose. Dates:28/29 November 2020Times:Saturday 28 November 2.00 - 4 pm Jamaica / CST 7.00 - 9 pm UK / GMT9.00 - 11pm South Africa Sunday 29 November 7.00 - 9 am Australia 8.00 - 10 am New Zealand

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  • November 28, 2020 2:00 PM - 9:00 PM Ended
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iCARE Jamaica Power of Purpose because Quality of Men's Lives Matter (2020 - 2027) Portland Jamaica

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