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This is an event which will allow you to gain background knowledge or enhance your current understanding of the Covid-19 pandemic and its impact on Sub-Saharan Africa's healthcare systems and economies. A panel of Sub-Saharan African professionals from the UK, USA and across Africa will be presenting on the relationship between Covid-19 and mental health, learning disabilities, public health, and immunology, nutrition, socio-cultural, spiritual and economic factors. You will have an opportunity to engage in question and answer discussions with each panel member.Organisers/FacilitatorsDr. Sally Arrey, Senior Lecturer/Nurse Educator in Learning Disabilities, Department of Nursing and Midwifery, University of Huddersfield, England, United Kingdom.Dr. Clementinah Rooke, Senior Lecturer/Nurse Educator in Mental Health, Department of Nursing and Midwifery, University of Huddersfield, England, United Kingdom.SpeakersKeynote 1: Dr. Marjorie Arrey-Presley. Epidemiology/Public health; Clinical Pharmacist. USA.SARS CoV-2: Evaluating Possible Barriers to Preventive Care, Healthcare Access & Treatment Modalities- A keyhole investigation into Sub Saharan Africa.Keynote 2: Dr. Annie Arrey-Mensah. Assistant Professor of Clinical Speciality Medicine. Board Certified Adult and Paediatric Allergy and Immunology. USA.Overview of Covid 19 :Epidemiology, Transmission, Clinical presentation and management.Theme 1: Ms Margaret Kamba. Journalist & Mother, Zimbabwe, Africa.Experience of a woman and female journalist during the Covid 19 pandemic.Theme 2: Mr. Ivo Arrey. Director at African Centre for Community and Development; CEO at Earth Complex Guest House, Limbe Cameroon. Humanitarian Ambassador for Global Goodwill Ambassadors. Cameroon, Africa.A Look at Covid19 in Cameroon and Sub-Saharan Africa : A holistic interpretation of factors on the ground.Theme 3: Mr. Michael Boyo. Senior Clinical Biochemist. Executive President and Founder of Higher Institute of Applied Medical Sciences Cameroon, Africa.Herbal and natural alternatives and plan for prevention and early management of COVID-19 in AfricaTheme 4: Ms Tsitsi Makunike. Strategist, Social Scientist, Founder and Project Director of Tsimbisane Health and Wellness Trust. Zimbabwe, Africa.Access to Healthcare and economic impact of Covid 19 through a social scientist lenses.Theme 5: Ms Genevieve Ntuba. Bank Financial / fraud investigator and Former Church Administrator, England, United Kingdom.COVID-19 and Spirituality : Love In Action.Theme 6: Mrs Melissa Jayne Oballim, Learning Support Assistant in Special needs education, England United Kingdom.Impact of Covid-19 on individuals with learning difficulties and mental illnesses.NB : Dr Arrey and Dr Rooke would like to obtain your consent indicating that by registering for this event you: 1) agree to take part and understand the purpose of the Q & A interactive discussions, 2) are willing to be contacted via e-mail to discuss further your experience of the impact of Covid 19. For a detailed participant/consent form you can email them on or Join Zoom Meeting ID: 686 5467 9770Passcode: 498656

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A Virtual Covid 19 Symposium facilitated by Dr Sally Arrey u0026 Dr Clementinah Rooke from the University of Huddersfield, United Kingdom

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