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The 2018 film "Café Togo" traces the lingering presence of Germany’s colonial past in today’s public spaces by examining recent efforts to change street names commemorating the perpetrators of colonial crimes. Combining art and social activism, the film takes a closer look at the former Petersallee, Lüderitzstraße and Nachtigalplatz in Berlin’s so-called “African Quarter.” In what ways is Germany’s colonial past still present in public spaces today? How has Germany dealt with its colonial history, e.g. as part of its memory culture? What contributions can be made by the arts to raise awareness of places with colonial connotations and facilitate a critical reappraisal of colonialism? These questions and others will be discussed throughout the event and further questions from the public are welcome.N.B.: The Film is in English and German and will be shown with English subtitles. The following discussion and Q&A session will be mainly in German but questions may also be asked in English.

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