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Filipino folk magic embraces a unique blend of native animist beliefs, Spanish Catholicism, and elements of western witchcraft to create a truly unparalleled and mestizo tradition. We will dive into the archipelago’s unique spiritual landscape by revisiting Filipino history, learning about magic native to the Philippines, and becoming familiar with modern pinoy magical practices. Th goal of this class is to educate those who wish to know more about the Philippines’ distinct style of magic, to uplift members of the Philippine diaspora through their spiritual heritage, and to empower those who wish to actively incorporate Filipino influences into their spiritual and magical practices. Rowan (Briar) is a queer artist and mestizo magic-maker of Filipino Irish descent. As a grandchild of the Filipino diaspora, it has been their passion to study the rich magical traditions of their ancestors and to share the beauty of Filipino magic with the world. Rowan is well-trained in many magical and spiritual traditions, including Western witchcraft, Feri, Reiki, African Diasporic Traditions, divination, astrology, Catholicism, and hoodoo. NOTES - PLEASE READ:This is a live online class and will be recorded - this often means that if you choose to participate with camera and microphone this will be part of the recording available for replay*Our online workshops are hosted as Zoom meetings. If you are using a phone, please be sure to download and test the app before the class. We will send out a direct link prior to start and the recording will be available for watching for 2 weeks following the event.We are now endeavoring to provide closed captioning for all of our events. While the live transcription is not perfect, we feel the increased accessibility is worth the occasional errors.The Raven's Wing endeavors to create and maintain a safe environment in which all attendees can feel well met. As such we do not tolerate racist, sexist, ageist, ableist, transphobic or homophobic speech or actions in our spaces. When shopping with us or attending one of our events, you agree to monitor your speech and behavior to uphold this atmosphere of mutual respect. Anyone found violating this agreement will be asked to leave.Enrollment is accepted up until the day of the event.Have a question we didn't address? Please feel free to drop us a line at

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