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Since 1988, when Dr. Pierre Foldes uncovered how to restore the clitoris, the relatively simple, 20-30 minute operation has been celebrated by beneficiaries, distrusted by FGM’s opponents, and vehemently opposed by guardians of the status quo, one of whom, a male nurse in the Burkinabe hospital where the joyful after-effects of removing the clitoral scar were reported, threatened the clinician. “You can treat pain” – with which the patient had presented – but “not that,” Foldes was told. Yet, once he had been thanked by the former victim whose renewed clitoral sensation gave her pleasure, the doctor persisted, perfecting a technique from which, today, more than 5000 women have benefited. The census of trained surgeons able to perform clitoral restoration remains small, however, relative to the number of victims. Why? What efforts have been made in various venues to introduce discussion of sexual pleasure? What explicit impediments arise? How has the medical profession dealt with the pioneering technique? What protocols are followed? What do beneficiaries say about their newly-won status? How and where can FGM survivors find medical help and each other, in order to share stories? And how does the fact of restoration affect abolition?This webinar is part of the Patriarchal Inscriptions: Female bodies contested, invaded defended & owned webinar series. Speakers Is it truly easier to make a hole than to build a pole? Feminist reflection on a chapter of genital surgery on children with ambiguous genitaliaDr. Med. Marion Hulverscheidt, Kassel University, Department of HistoryThe global quest for genital beauty: female genital mutilation/cutting vs female genital reshapingOluchukwu Loveth Obiora, RPHN Hillel Friedland Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South AfricaFrom Farafenni to Paris: Clitoral RestorationNeneh Bojang, MA in political science, founding director of the Inter-African Committee in Norway, & radio & TV talk show hostJeanie Kortum, artist & novelist, author of Stones (SheWritesPress/UnCUT/VOICES Press, 2017) & founding executive director of A Home Away from Homelessness.Tobe Levin von Gleichen, Visiting professor, King’s College London & Associate, Hutchins Center for African & African American Research, Harvard UniversityFGM survivors’ quest for wholeness: On making a film about the pioneers of clitoris reconstructionSebastian Krüger, filmmaker, Krueger ProductionsThe Right to Bodily Autonomy: Do women have a right to Choose FGM/C & FGCS?Annemarie Middelburg, Research Master’s in Law, Tilburg University Law School, & Founder, Middelburg Human Rights ConsultancyRefaat Karim, MD, Plastic surgeon, Founder & director of Liniek Amstelveen & expert in post-FGM reconstructionWomen, Girls & Self-Harm—Tragic, Increasing, Often Invisible Lois A. Herman, Managing Director, WUNRNFollowing presentations by the speakers, there will be a moderated Q&A.Registered attendees will be sent the access link to participate in the webinar on their web browser or via the Microsoft Teams app the day prior.

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