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Get together with the ethical jewellery community and find support on your fair jewellery journey. Established designers, makers, new graduates and independent businesses - whatever stage of the ethical sourcing journey you’re at, you are very welcome. Our fifth Open House will take place on Friday 27th November at 3pm GMT (London), it is free to attend - please register here.THEME FOR DISCUSSIONDiamonds: What's next? (3 of 3) Why it's not good enough to simply say 'conflict-free' diamonds to your clientsThis month we will round up the conversation on diamonds with speakers who have experience on the ground in African diamond mining and have conducted independent research in the field - learn about issues around human rights and the environment, and problems faced by the Kimberley Process.CONFIRMED SPEAKERSShamiso Mtisi - Deputy Director at the Zimbabwe Environmental Law Association. Kimberley Process Civil Society Coalition Coordinator. Hans Merket - Researcher, International Peace Information Service (IPIS Research) Chie Murakami - Founder & Director General, NGO Diamonds for PeaceAGENDATo allow for discussions in small groups this event will last 1.5hrs. Please have your camera switched on to make the most of the event.5min | Introduction by Clara Breen, jeweller & Fair Luxury member10min | Talk by Shamiso Mtisi. Introduce his work as Kimberley Process Civil Society Coalition Coordinator. What the Kimberley Process is, and what it isn’t. Examples of human rights / ecological problems.10min | Talk by Hans Merket. Flaws in the Kimberley Process. Looking forward. How to start building a more responsible diamond supply chain?10min | Talk by Chie Murakami. Introduce Diamonds For Peace's work in Liberia. What the situation really is like on the ground. What would improve the situation? What would happen if everyone just bought lab grown diamonds?30min | We will break into small groups discussions. The chance to reflect and connect with others on what you've heard in this session and the two previous sessions on diamonds.25min | Round-up discussion with everyone. Chaired by David Crump, Fair Luxury founding member. What have you discussed in small groups? What questions came up for speakers?5min | Thank you and close-----

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  • November 27, 2020 10:00 AM - 4:30 PM Ended
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Fair Luxury is an independent collective of jewellery industry changemakers with a shared vision for a responsible and sustainable future for people and planet. We believe that together we can create a more equitable industry.Jewellery is bought and given as a token of love, to reflect our personality or to communicate power and wealth. But all too often it is created by a supply chain harbouring social injustice and environmental destruction. But when jewellery is produced responsibly it can provide sustainable livelihoods for everyone involved, from the miners of raw materials to the creator or retailer of the finished piece.We want to work in a jewellery industry that shares the wealth it creates with all those who work in it: an industry that takes responsibility for ensuring safe working conditions and human rights alongside working to conserve and restore the natural environment.Through our events and activities,WE CHALLENGE - provoking honest discussion on social and environmental injustice in jewellery and seeking solutionsWE COLLABORATE - creating an inclusive platform to bring the industry together and give everyone an equal voiceWE INSPIRE - acting as a catalyst to inspire jewellery professionals and consumers to take action and drive positive change at any levelWE EMPOWER - curating practical resources to enable jewellers and organisations on a journey towards greater traceability, transparency, and responsible practiceAs individual designers, makers, traders and retailers as well as advocates and educators weu2019ve pledged to make decisions in our own businesses that are driven by more than just profit. Each of us is at a different place on our journey to responsible business, but we are working on it. No matter how small, collectively our actions will transform our industry for the better.Will you join us?

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