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This show will break what was never broken the first hate of America. Stay tuned for more greatness.The Mission:Promote the gospel which is the Good News and the good news is Jesus’ expression of true love. The (Agape) love.Promote diversity and encourage all humankind from all walks of life, not to permit hate to rest in their hearts. Receive helpful information and apply the principles to everyday life. Succeed in contributing positive words to their families, their work, and their community. Promote the harmonization of all people in furtherance of justice, equality, human rights, good governance, and reconciliation in the community and beyond. Establish a forum for the exchange of information, experiences, resources and mentorship. The Objective:One Blood Movement is designed to unify all races back to the understanding that, we all are God’s Children (AKA) ONE HUMAN RACE.A movement that promotes hope and expresses love for one another instead of hate. The (Phileo) love.

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Our mission is to assist, educate and inspire people to create wealth through entrepreneurship by leveraging technology and a strategy of global networking. To accomplish our mission we promote entrepreneurship through our website www.Every.Black, conduct weekly virtual mastermind meetings, educate our audiences through our podcasts, provide a comprehensive membership directory for distribution and promote our members through social media and massive email blasts.Contact Info: Jimmy DaviesPhone: 919-265-8045, Email: Jimmy@Every.BlackJoin the Every.Black Family at www.Every.Black/Join to receive your receive your 30 DAY FREE Trial Membership and be included in the all new Every.Black Membership Directory.Please support the Every.Black Entrepreneur Podcast Network at: www.Entrepreneurship.Blacku201cWhere there is change, there is opportunity. Since change is constant, there is always opportunity.u201d ... Jimmy J. Davies

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