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Ebe Ye Yie is restaurant saver people more than20years .same place.

There are less than a handful of reasons to hang around Jerome Avenue at the low 180s any time of day—that is, unless you've got a hankering for spicy stews. Home to an exploding population of Ghanaians that is the largest in the States, the Bronx has, in recent years, started to gain traction as a destination for honest, cheap West African food. Though the community is centered on the Melrose-Webster Avenue track, Ebe Ye Yie, just steps from the 183rd 4-train stop, is not far off the beaten path of plantains and palm oil. And it's very much worth the diversion.

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    2364 Jerome Ave, Bronx, NY, USA

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2364 Jerome Ave, Bronx, NY, USA

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