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2020 marks the beginning of a new decade, and a new era in our digitized modern age. There will be sweeping changes in business.
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Doing Business in AFRICA Certificate Course

This business and management 3-Day Certificate Course, designed by Yvonne E. Gamble, CEO SanPete Financial Group, Inc.

This course, takes an in-depth approach to providing participants an understanding of the context and opportunities of doing business in Africa. Participants will learn about the reality of Africa's economic boundaries, understand the causes of risk, how to identify emerging opportunities and learn how to implement and develop value propositions that serve the needs of Africa's 54 countries and its citizens.

This course utilizes a unique methodology of mixing academic contents with hands-on testimonies of major entrepreneurs and experts worldwide and from all across Africa. The course is designed for participants to leave with a deeper understanding of the African economic and social context, and how to build a business strategy that effectively tackles African needs.

DAY 1 - Main Objectives of Africa

· Understand the current issues faced throughout the continent of Africa, as a diverse regional economy.

· Grasp Africa’s dynamics (growth drivers / risks).

· Develop strategies to address the main challenges confronting the African continent.

· Identify the main opportunities and directions for companies wishing to do business in and with Africa.

DAY 2 – The Business of a Culture Climate

· Cultural Awareness

· Royal Protocol [Introduction to Kingdoms]

· Diplomatic Protocol

· Political Protocol

DAY 3 – Doing Business in Africa

· Doing Business in Africa

· Infrastructure Defines Impact

· Financial Preparation and Legal Preparation

· Current Development Opportunities

· Trade Mission

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