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"Caring for myself is not self - indulgence; it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare." Audre Lorde This is an invitation specifically for persons who identify as Black or African American and are overwhelmed with the injustice of the world and are ready to create space in their lives for self-care as we fight for justice for all! (We offer a parallel session for Allies to connect, learn and find support in their work to dismantle racism at believe Black people deserve a space to relax, reassess, and realign ourselves. We are a collective of Black stress-management & wellness instructors inspired by human values.We are here to facilitate your journey of trauma-relief and stress-management.Imagine how much more energy you will have and how much more powerful you will be when you cut your stress levels in half!And it can be done in just a few minutes using nothing but your own breath...Over the last 10 years, we've taught over 100,000 people to do just that.The key is that your breath is directly linked to your emotions. This 1-Hour Restorative Session Includes:Open, safe space for sharing and self-care for Black peopleFacilitated discussionBreath work and meditationLed by Black facilitators, certified in stress and trauma relief.Unleash the Hidden Healing Power of the Breath-SKY Schools

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Self-Care and Community of Practice Led by Black Facilitators, for the Black Community

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