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The Financial Markets remain one of the pillars of wealth building in America and African Americans are beginning to jump on the wave. However, knowing how to play the stock market is essential for success as a lack of knowledge of how the markets work often leads to financial ruin for many. Learn before you earn, is a popular saying that captures the importance of participating in the financial markets the proper way. Recognizing an increasing participation rate in the African American Community, we are bringing together successful black traders and mentors together to dish out knowledge and get every attendee up to speed on trading and investing. Our goal is to ensure that every attendee leaves the event with enough information to navigate their trading / investing decision making process. At Black Saturday, you will be exposed to:FOREX TRADINGSTOCK TRADINGOPTIONS TRADINGTRADING PSYCHOLOGYWe are also bringing out Top Trading & investment mentors, chat rooms and course creators to discuss their products and offer huge discounts to attendees at the event. LEARN ABOUT WHAT ASSET CLASS TO TRADE (PROS / CONS)NETWORK WITH MENTORS AND TOP TRADERSNETWORK WITH TRADING COMMUNITIES GET DISCOUNTED ACCESS TO TRADING COMMUNITIES AND COURSES.This is a one of a kind event and you do not want to be left out of this. If you are already trading, come out and network with other traders, learn more about the markets and take your trading game to the next level. If you are NEW to trading and investing, this event will be a stepping stone to investing in yourself and plugging you with the right resources and tools that will make your trading & investing journey easier. DO NOT JUMP IN THE MARKETS WITHOUT THE PROPER TOOLS, EDUCATION, MINDSET AND STRATEGY! Trading & Investing must be approached with the right tools, knowledge and mentors and we are hoping this event gives our attendees valuable information about the financial markets.

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